What kind of trading platform is required for Life Changer EA?

Meta trader 4 – MT4

How do I get the software ?

You will get it in 3/4 hours After  Complete Your Payment.

What to do next after I had made the payment ?

After you made payment, please submit your information on the form provided. So that our team can set up the Life Changer EA for you.

Can I use this EA with any broker?

You will get good results if your broker has following specifications:

Stop level freeze level should be 0

What is Stop Level: In Meta Trader, the freeze_level/ Sop Level is the minimum distance in pips, measured from the current spot price (Bid/Ask), to be attained to trigger a temporary ban on modifying, deleting or closing the orders, which are near to execution. Thus, a pending order, which is away from the current market price at a distance equal to or within the freeze_level Sop Level , cannot be modified, deleted or prematurely closed.

Spread should be tight, i.e. should not above 5 pips in 5-digit broker.

What currency pairs should I use with this EA for good results?

We Add many Pairs  In This EA so use it on any one chart this automatically open trades on other pairs .

What time-frame is suitable for this EA?

 Our EA use on any time frame but for low Draw down and good profit  we recommend M5 , M15 and M30 time-frame and this is is best for this EA.

Any leverage suggestion for this EA?

You can have minimum leverage 1.500 but if leverage less then 1.500 then make a double deposit.

What is trade frequency of Life Changer EA?

Its depend on your time frame and market movement. some time this not open trade in a day and some time this open 1/10 trades in a day we tested it on M5 , M15 and M30 and get very good result.

Do I need to keep ON my computer and internet all time for Life Changer EA?

If your computer is OFF or internet got disconnected then EA stops working. Your computer and internet must be ON all trading days  but we recommend  VPS is best for  EA .

Can i use Life Changer EA on 1000 USD ?

Yes use our EA on Minimum 1000 USD and no maximum limit 

I have not so much knowledge about Forex, should I use OR can I use Life Changer  EA?

Yes, you can. We will help in all processing of installing & setting up the EA in your MT4. Our support available 24/7

I bought a copy of Life Changer EA  for a few dollars from some clown on E Bay (or some other site).  Will you still provide me with free upgrades and customer service?

Are you kidding?  (For those who think I am making this question up, it is a Fake EA of one I received a few months ago for another product, so I’m throwing it in here as well to make sure no one wastes their money buying knocked off software).  and just to make it perfectly clear, NO, YOU WILL NOT GET UPGRADES OR SUPPORT FROM US.

Still your problem is not listed in our FAQ section then please feel free to ask us at support@lifechangerea.com