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Always Trading Safety, Not expect for Big-Profits from Fx Market. We don’t Guarantee a huge profit over night. We try the best to Grow margin without take any Risk Trading and Grab the Best Trading Opportunities Possible. We Applied Risk-Management & Money Management Strategy on all of accounts, Which will Successfully Greatly Enhance with good Result. Life Changer EA make 30% to 50% profit every month and we share profit every month 40/60% and our 100% guarantee for your account safety. Account management for those who are patient.

Account management

Don’t have time to learn how to trade Forex? Want to be part of the Millionaire’s club? Do you want to get tons of money in Forex Market?

If you answer is “yes” to these questions, Our Account Management Service managed account is The Best Profitable Forex Money Manager system which can help you to manage your account in FOREX MARKET. Our Account Management Service  is an online managed account service.

We manage your funds in Forex Market. Now imagine if that is your account, you can make your dream come true using our system. Therefore you don’t need to waste your valuable times trade FOREX by yourself.

Let’s the professional do it for you and you just need to watch your account grow up faster and we do our job. The system was created after many months of testing with different brokers and market conditions and finally our team of traders and programmers succeeded to create an EA that really works and can MAKE MONEY, not like most other EA you can find on the Internet. It works in ALL market conditions, up- and downtrends, as well as consolidation periods because we have the best indicator to analyze the market.

If you trade by yourself you will have a lot of works to make sure your PC and internet is working, you also need to understand every complicated trading program to run it.But now you don’t need to do it any more. Leave all that work to us. We take care all of those things.

That’s why for making sure everything works and make profits We take our share 40%. It includes the trading software, and maintenance of the System and managed your account. We think it’s fair enough and it is the standard profit split in Forex Money Management.

Terms & Conditions.

1; Open account on our partner brokers with our IB link.

2; Profit share every month 40% our and 60% your .

3; If market loss account then we return you money 40%.

4; first time account setting charges $ 100 you pay before sending account detail .

5; Minimum Deposit  $ 1000 and maximum $ 25000.

6; Minimum monthly profit 30% and maximum  50%

7; Account management service only for those who are patient.

8; Leverage : Minimum 1:500 If Less then contact our Support.

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