1. What’s up to every one, because I am actually eager to write my testimonial here.
    Using life changer ea on the first week already bring satisfaction result for me and before the end of the month I can withdraw the profit, roughly about 30/45%
    That is a good profit, just imagine you double your money every three month!
    I love it and I thank you for the team that made this EA.
    Will join with your MM soon to increase my investment.

  2. Good day, I want to say that I trade on the forex market already during 3 years and Life Changer Ea one of my favorite systems. I generate not very much every month but it VERY stable and this is what I want to get. Keep up good work!

  3. Hi, I already have a trading account with you. I enjoy the profit your premier EA made and sent your profit share.

    I shall in the interim be pleased to learn for information purposes the cost to purchase your premier EA?

    Thank you in anticipation for receiving your feedback.

  4. Hi friends!
    I’m happy to have you in my life. If I never find Life Changer EA I think that all EA’s is a fake, but now I know that can be profitable strategy, Life Changer EA make profit for me day by day! Thank you for the robot!

  5. Hi, after two month with you, I decide to share my experience here. I really appreciate your money management service.
    I am rather hesitate to join with you on first but after I saw how you manage my fund for a month, nothing to be afraid anymore. Your management is really safe and still give me good profit.

  6. I’ve been running it for at least 1 month now, very impressive EA. I would definitely recommend it.
    Updating my review after longer testing… I’ve been running this for 1 month now, and it’s an amazing EA.

  7. Привет. Из примеров неясно почему при депозите 1000 долларов ваши клиенты открывают лоты 0.1 ? Это противоречит логике которую вы присылаете в инструкции к демо варианту советника. Должно быть лот не более 0.01

    • Сэр минимальный депозит 1000 долларов США и установить размер партии 0,01 других настроек, которые мы подаем в демо-версии, но в платной версии все функции открыты, и вы делаете какие-либо настройки от вашего имени.

  8. Hi, i check this ea one month on my demo account and i get 29% profit in this period and then i decide for purchase and now i am use this EA i get very good result and monthly return above 30% i am very impressed with this Life changer EA

  9. Honestly, i have never given testimonies ever before because there are lots of crappy EAs out there and none came any close to your EA but i have to say that this is the best EA i have ever used. Over a month now it has given me consistent profit. I love the way it trades, very conservatively… your strategy is sound. I have lost lots of money in Forex and almost losing my family cos i cant seem to make money in Forex. But for the first time, i am hopeful that my life is really about to change due to your EA and that will not stop me from saying “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”. from the bottom of my heart… keep up the good work and God bless you.

  10. Hi,team i am very impress your ea is really good i use it last three month and get profit in this pried can you tell me price for unlimited account i have 10 account and i need ea for these all account and give me discount becasue i purchase ea in Feb2018.

  11. Hey guys I’m Niaz here,
    Im proud to be member of lifechangerea family in mega and mini mission they are really great people’s with good team, they completed all promises and always ready to solve clients issues.
    LifeChangerEA1 , trustable, responsible,
    Thanks for everything

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